The Ewaste Recycling Forum

“It’s your world, shape it or someone else will”
Gary Lew

With 20-50 million tonnes of electronic waste, generated across the globe each year, it’s no wonder that obsolete electronics have fast become the largest, and most problematic waste stream around the world. Electronic waste accounts for more than 5% of all municipal solid waste, and poses serious problems for both the environment and our own health.

Electronics are made up of toxic material, such as lead, cadmium and mercury which, when exposed, can contribute to severe health issues such as lung disease or kidney malfunction. Various legislation have been drafted worldwide – from Product Stewardship in Australia to the WEEE Directive in Europe – but ewaste is still being illegally exported to developing countries and dumped in landfill to pollute soil and water streams.

At, we are dedicated to making a difference to the future of electronic waste recycling, but we can’t do it alone. Should recycling obsolete electronics be the responsibility of the consumer or the manufacturer? Do you think that governments could be doing more to combat the issue of ewaste? Do you feel that more should be done to educate consumers about electronic waste and the threat that it poses? If so, then we want to hear from you – it’s time to have your say on ewaste and the future of our planet.

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